I.   Jouni's pictures

II. Nella's pictures: 1.Churces       2. Landscapes and houses       3. Miscellaneous       
                             4. Peoples       5. Photographers      

This extraordinary trip was organized by the Finnish Photography Magazine. There were 40 participants and we visited Karelia, which belongs nowadays to Russia. Karelians are people in the middle of east and west. They speak Karelian language, which is close to Finnish and Estonian.

Because their difficult geographic situation on the border area countless wars and devastation have rolled over in the last thousand years. To cope the pain the Karelians have learned to make poetry, which as singed has transferred the old stories behind centuries. One example is the Finnish national epic Kalevala, which can very well be compered to Ilias and Odysseia or Nibelungslieder.

Karelian poetry is living media also today. During the buss trip we created and singed several poems concerning everyday occasions.
See examples from the tour leader Petri Niikkos site.

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